Create Your Own Country Project

Students, today you will be starting a project that is going to require you use the information you have acquired from our lessons about economy and government to create your own country.  There will be two parts to this project, a map and flag section and a Google Doc presentation.

Google Doc Presentation

Your presentation should include all of the following with an explanation of why you chose what you did.

  • First of all you will need to name your country, tell its population, and the history of how it was founded….all this information will make up your first slide.
  • Each of the following should have its own slide with an explanation of why you made the choice you did.
  • Layout of the land (what is the landscape like)
  • Type of economy (command, market, traditional, etc)
  • Type of government (democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, etc)
  • Type of agriculture (farming)
  • Type of industry
  • Any other information you think people should know about your country
  • Write a constitution for your country. This will be a description of how your government is ran. This can include any rules that you want.

Map and Flag Section

Each of these should be done on a separate sheet of paper copy paper.

  • Design a map of your country.  It should show physical characteristics of the country such as bodies of water or lakes as well as mountains. Make sure you name these features. Make a map key that describes what any symbols you use on your map mean. Look at the maps of other countries in your book to get some ideas.
  • Design a flag for your country. Be creative with this portion of your project. Do certain colors or symbols have a special meaning? For example, if your country’s primary industry is pizza then maybe you will have a triangle for a slice of pizza on your flag. Make sure that you can explain the colors and symbols you used to the class. It has to relate to something about your country.

Mr. McClung

  1. Hi my name is Jennifer and I am a student at the University of South Alabama in Dr. Strange’s EMD class. This is a wonderful project!! Even in my high school years we did not do anything this nice. I love the fact they get to use their imagination and creativity. I can only hope your students are taking in as much of this as they possibly can. Not all students get this type of opportunity to learn.

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  3. I am using this project in my college-level public speaking class in Florida. This is a night class, so my students tend to come alive more because of this project and find it quite relevant.

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